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Four terminal electrode measuring instrument

2024-06-03 17:13

  Product Introduction

  The four terminal electrode measuring instrument 4P-1 can test the resistance of conductive materials using the four terminal method (Kelvin) according to the DIN EN ISO 3915 standard.

  major function

  The four terminal electrode measuring instrument 4P-1 is specially developed for testing the surface resistance of conductive material samples through the four terminal method.

  The special tool contact structure design of the electrode makes the connection of the test sample simple and firm.

  The horizontally movable sample ensures that different positions of the sample can be tested without touching it again.

  Connecting the testing instruments Milli-TO 3 and TO 3 makes precise measurements in the low ohmic domain possible.

  The sample clip can also be connected to a megohmmeter to test high ohmic resistance

  Parameter data

  Tool contact spacing: 20 mm

  Single tool contact length: 10 mm

  Tool contact pressure: 0.6 N

  Electrode spacing: 50 mm

  Precision positioning of spindle drive

  Mobile sample fixture

  Can connect Milli TO 3 and TO 3

  Sample size (W/D/H): minimum 70 x 10 x 1 mm; Maximum 150 x 20 x 20 mm

  Range: 100 mOhm to 180 × 103 Ohm

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