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Selection instructions for gas meters

2024-03-06 15:28

The flow rate that a gas meter can meet the technical specifications specified in the standard is called the capacity of the gas meter. Manufacturers produce gas meters with different capacity specifications according to various user requirements and standards. Generally speaking, it is impossible to produce a gas meter of one specification that can meet various usage requirements.

The selection of capacity should be determined based on gas consumption. The selection of normal gas meter capacity should be within the range of 20% to 70% of the rated flow rate of the gas meter. When calculating capacity, one should not only look at the present, but also consider the future development of gas usage. If we not only need to meet the gas consumption requirements of gas stoves and water heaters in front of us, but also consider the possibility of using gas ovens, gas wall mounted boilers, etc. The calculation of gas consumption also needs to be based on the following points:

1. Types of gas

Different gases have different heating values. The amount of heat released from a complete combustion of one cubic meter varies. It is obvious that gas with high calorific value consumes less gas. If the calorific value of gas is low, burning the same pot of water to boiling point requires more gas consumption. Therefore, when selecting, slightly larger models should be considered. There are currently three main types of gas used in China: artificial gas, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas. Due to differences in gas production and manufacturing in different regions, its components also vary, resulting in different calorific values. The calorific value of these three types of gas in China is approximately:?? Artificial gas: 3500-4500 kcal/m3; Natural gas: 8000~8600 kcal/m3; Liquefied petroleum gas: 22000-27000 kcal/m3.

2. Gas consumption of gas combustion appliances:

There are many types of gas burners in China, such as industrial gas furnaces. The gas appliances used by residents mainly include stoves, water heaters, wall mounted stoves, grills, ovens, etc.

① The Gas Consumption of Double Eyed Gas Stove

Artificial gas double burner: 1.25-1.75m3/h; Natural gas binocular stove: 0.3-0.8m3/h; Liquefied petroleum gas double burner: 0.18-0.3m3/h.

② Gas consumption of water heater

Artificial gas: 2.5-3m3/h; Natural gas: 0.8-1.6m3/h; Liquefied petroleum gas: 0.3-0.6m3/h.

③ Household demand for gas

The size of the population and the temperature of the environment are also factors that should be considered when selecting gas meters. With a large population, there is naturally a need for cooked food and hot water, resulting in a high gas consumption; When the ambient temperature is low, more heat needs to be added, and the gas consumption also needs to increase; The larger the housing area occupied by residents, the greater the gas consumption required for heating??

At present, from the perspective of Chinese households, most of them are a family of three, and they need to use a binocular stove and a water heater. For natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, choosing a 1.6 type gas meter with a rated flow rate of 2.5m3/h is more appropriate. If there is additional heating equipment and a large residential area (villa area), higher models of gas meters should be selected, such as 2.5, 4, and 6 gas meters.

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