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Selection parameters of pressure calibrator

2024-03-06 15:25

The pressure calibrator is a specialized pressure calibration instrument used to calibrate various pressure transmitters, pressure sensors, pressure switches, differential pressure transmitters, digital pressure gauges, etc. The product has stable performance, flexible use, high reliability, and easy maintenance. The instruments include image processing systems, calibration software, computers, and printers.

Principle of pressure calibrator:

Using a CNC pressure source for automatic pressurization, the standard pressure value is obtained through a high-precision digital pressure sensor. The pressure gauge reading is identified using a computer camera processing system. According to the corresponding pressure instrument calibration regulations, various error values are calculated and calibration conclusions are drawn.

After receiving the "start calibration" command, the computer sends a calibration command to the CNC pressure source. The CNC system controls the system pressure to reach the required pressure point, and then transmits the standard pressure value to the computer. The computer captures and recognizes the pressure gauge reading through the image processing system. Then, the electronic control lightly taps the head to simulate human hand tapping on the inspected gauge (according to regulatory requirements), and then recognizes the reading of the inspected gauge again, Compare the recognition results with the standard pressure values of high-precision pressure sensors and calculate the error of various readings of the pressure instrument.

For pressure transmitters and pressure sensors, the intelligent pressure calibrator measures the electrical signals they output. After the calibrator controls the system pressure to reach the required pressure point, the software reads the electrical signal value of the pressure transmitter or pressure sensor. This value is compared with the standard electrical signal value to calculate the displayed value error. After the calibration is completed, calculate and save the error data, and then display and print the error data table and calibration results.

Choosing a pressure calibrator requires consideration of both performance and price. In terms of performance, the main consideration is the working medium, working pressure, and working mode (automatic or manual). Then, choose a suitable pressure calibrator according to your budget.

Required parameters for selection:

1. Pressure range

2. Functional requirements

3. Accuracy level

4. National certification materials

Attention to range selection: The air pressure should be selected between -0.095~0MPa and 0~60MPa.

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