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Selection method of time relay

2024-03-04 14:28

A time relay is an automatic switching device that utilizes electromagnetic or mechanical principles to achieve delay control. A relay in which the output circuit needs to undergo a specified accurate time to produce a jumping change (or contact action) when the input action signal is added (or removed). It is an electrical component used in circuits with lower voltage or current to connect or disconnect circuits with higher voltage or current. Meanwhile, time relays are also a type of control device that utilizes electromagnetic or mechanical principles to achieve delay control. There are many types of it, including air damping, electric, and electronic.

Selection method:

1. Determine whether the relay is used in DC or AC circuits, and determine the rated voltage level, commonly used as 220V, 110VDC/AC;

2. Determine the installation method, such as: rail type, protruding type, embedded type, etc. (whether it is installed inside the cabinet or panel opening installation, drawer cabinets generally choose rail type)

3. Determine the type of delay required, such as power on delay or power off delay, and the range of delay time.

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