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How to choose an electronic balance?

2024-03-01 13:36

Electronic scales are used to weigh the mass of objects. Electronic scales generally use strain sensors, capacitive sensors, and electromagnetic balance sensors. Strain sensors have a simple structure and low cost, but their accuracy is limited.

How to choose an electronic balance?

When choosing an electronic balance, one should consider whether it meets the accuracy requirements for weighing based on its accuracy (division value e). If choosing a balance with an accuracy of 0.1mg or 0.01mg, it is important not to simply state that a balance with an accuracy of one thousandth or one hundred thousandth is required, as some foreign manufacturers use relative accuracy to measure the balance, otherwise the purchased balance cannot meet the needs of the user. For example, in practical work, when encountering a situation where a Mettler electronic balance with an actual scale division value d of 1mg, a calibration scale division value e of 10mg, and a weighing of 200g is used to weigh an object of 7mg, accurate results cannot be obtained. According to the "JJG98-90 Non Automatic Leveling Trial Verification Regulations", the allowable error and the calibration scale division value "e" are of the same order of magnitude, and the allowable error of this balance is 1e, Obviously, an object weighing 7mg cannot be weighed; Weighing an object of 15mg using this type of balance is not a good choice, as the relative error in its test results can be significant. A higher level balance should be chosen, as some manufacturers have specified the value for small scales when leaving the factory. Therefore, when selecting and using electronic scales, we must consider the accuracy level.

Requirements for symmetrical range: When choosing an electronic balance, not only should its accuracy be considered, but also whether the weighing meets the requirements of the range. Usually, adding a small safety factor to the load is sufficient, which means that the commonly used load can be further relaxed, not the larger the better.

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