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Selection of pressure testing pump

2024-03-01 13:35

When selecting a pressure testing pump, it is important to choose a suitable one based on your actual pressure testing requirements.

1. Choose a pressure matching test pump based on working pressure. As the test pump itself has a safety factor of 1.2 times, it is better not to exceed 20% of the pressure detection point when selecting a test pump.

2. Choosing the flow rate of the pressure testing pump based on the volume of the pressure vessel is also crucial. If there is no strict regulation on the boosting speed, it is generally more appropriate for the pressure testing pump to raise the pressure to the detection value within 3 minutes. If the volume is relatively small, the flow rate of the pressure testing pump should be controlled within a certain range, and then an external accumulator or buffer should be installed; That's because at a certain power, the pressure and flow rate of the pressure testing pump are inversely proportional. The higher the pressure, the greater the flow rate, and the larger the volume and purchase cost of the pressure testing pump.

3. When testing the pressure of general pressure vessels, pipelines, valves, etc., there are three pressure points that need to be done by the pressure testing pump:

1) Normal working pressure

2) Work pressure (commonly referred to as safety factor pressure), usually 1.5 times higher than work pressure

3) The blasting pressure is usually more than 2.5 times the working pressure. In the selection process of the pressure testing pump, some users may have some selection errors due to their limited understanding of the technical parameters of the pump. Some believe that the higher the pump pressure, the higher the safety factor; Some people believe that the larger the flow rate of the pump, the faster the boosting speed.

If done in this way, firstly, it may increase the purchase cost of the equipment; The second issue is that the purchased equipment does not match the container being tested, which more or less affects the quality of the testing. Therefore, in the selection process of pressure testing pumps, it is necessary to choose a suitable pressure testing pump for oneself based on factors such as the pressure and volume of the testing container. The above is for reference only when selecting a pressure testing pump. It is important to choose a suitable pressure testing pump based on your actual pressure testing requirements.

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