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How to choose a high-pressure cleaning machine

2024-03-01 13:27

How to choose a high-pressure cleaning machine?

1. Depending on usage:

General high-pressure cleaning machines can be divided into two types: household and professional. If you have been using a cleaning machine for less than 50 hours a year, you only need to purchase a household cleaning machine. The price is relatively cheaper, the weight is lighter, the material is simple, and it is not heat-resistant. If the usage time is more than 100 hours, it is necessary to consider using a professional high-pressure cleaning machine, which has a large volume and is made of durable materials such as copper alloy pump heads and stainless steel valves. Of course, the price is also much higher. So how to choose should depend on the needs of consumers.

2. Depending on the needs of hot and cold water:

According to the requirements of the situation, high-pressure cleaning machines can also be divided into hot water and cold water types. Most of the products on the market are cold water type, which can be used by injecting room temperature water into the faucet; But some business premises need to be flushed with hot water, so it is necessary to specially choose a hot water high-pressure cleaning machine. If cold water is used to inject hot water recklessly, internal parts, including the water pump, will be quickly damaged, which is not worth the loss.

A heating device is added to the hot water cleaning machine, which usually uses a combustion cylinder to heat the water. Using hot water to clean can quickly remove a large amount of dirt and oil stains that are not easily rinsed with cold water, greatly improving cleaning efficiency. However, often due to the high price and operating cost of hot water cleaning machines (due to the use of diesel), most users may choose ordinary cold water high-pressure cleaning machines; Of course, in order to improve cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, many professional customers will choose hot water cleaning machines.

3. Also choose a nozzle:

The cleaning effect caused by different nozzles also varies. For example, the round water column nozzle can increase the cleaning efficiency, the fan nozzle can rotate the nozzle as a low-pressure spray (which can spray soapy water) and a high-pressure fan water column, and the low-pressure brush head can spray low-pressure water to gently scrub. Some of these nozzles will come as gifts, while others must be purchased by oneself. When purchasing, it is important to carefully consider your needs and make a good selection.

4. Select merchant:

There are multiple brands of cleaning machines on the market, and imported ones are 1-2 times more expensive than domestic ones, or even more. When choosing, you should consider your actual needs and budget. Usually, imported equipment has new technology, durability, and efficiency compared to domestic equipment, but its price is also much higher, and maintenance costs are 2-3 times higher than domestic equipment. After selecting the brand to use, attention should also be paid to selecting the merchant.

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