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Selection guide for soil nutrient detectors

2024-02-29 13:12

The soil nutrient detector, also known as the soil fertility meter, is a specialized soil measuring instrument for rapid testing and determination of soil nutrients.

Selection guide:

1. Choose a suitable soil testing formula fertilizer applicator for yourself. Firstly, there is the testing project. The basic testing requirements for soil testing and formula fertilization are available nitrogen (some places use total nitrogen), available phosphorus, available potassium, and organic matter; Customers can choose additional trace elements, soil pH, conductivity, and heavy metals as needed. Secondly, portability is crucial. Unlike grassroots units, farmers or agricultural material distributors generally do not have their own laboratories. It is recommended to choose a portable and well-equipped photoelectric colorimetric soil testing and fertilization instrument.

2. To choose products with a prototype testing certificate and a manufacturing license for measuring instruments: The country has strict management over the production of measuring instruments, and soil nutrient measuring instruments belong to measuring instruments. The performance and reliability of the prototype must be inspected and recognized by the supervision and inspection department of measuring products.

3. We need to focus on checking the stability error of the soil nutrient analyzer. As the saying goes, instruments are afraid of instability if they are not accurate, and instruments with unstable stability cannot be used. The prototype test certificate only indicates that the instrument performance meets the requirements of national calibration regulations. For soil nutrient testing, it generally meets the accuracy requirements for nitrogen and potassium determination, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of organic matter and phosphorus determination.

The method of inspection is:

① Turn on the power and preheat the instrument for 5-10 minutes;

② Cover the instrument's shading cover and adjust the instrument to make the display reading zero;

③ Observing the changes in instrument readings, the difference between the instrument and the small reading within three minutes divided by the full scale reading is the stability error of the instrument.

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