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The reason for the high temperature of the thermometer

2024-01-09 14:43

Firstly, there are several reasons that cause the temperature of the infrared thermometer to be too high. Please identify the symptoms accordingly.

1: There is no normal estimate of the temperature of the tested object.

2: The target emissivity is significantly higher than the expected setting or due to incorrect emissivity adjustment.

3: The size of the measured target spot is too small.

4: There is too much reflection interference from the background heat source.

5: Selection error, incorrect analysis of the measurement band used by the measured target.

6: Lead noise caused by strong magnetic fields or incorrect selection of interconnecting cables.

7: The lens or window is too cloudy.

8: The incorrect grounding wire of the cable resulted in no shielding.

If the thermometer encounters the above problem, we can choose other temperature measuring devices for comparative temperature measurement. If the second problem causes it, we can reset the emissivity to lower it.

If it is caused by the third problem, we need to adjust the ranging target. If it is caused by the fourth problem, the solution is shading treatment. If it is caused by the fifth problem, we need to choose a suitable model again.

If it is caused by the sixth problem, electromagnetic interference protection needs to be done. If it is caused by the seventh problem, please solve and replace the lens or window. If it is caused by the eighth problem, rewire and test again to solve it.

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