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How to detect the alcohol content in gas

2024-01-09 14:42

An alcohol tester is a detection device that can detect the alcohol content in a gas. When this value exceeds 0.2mg/ml, traffic police can determine that the driver is driving illegally.

The semi conductive alcohol tester uses tin oxide semiconductors as sensors, which have gas sensing characteristics. When the concentration of the sensitive gas in the gas in contact increases;

The resistance value it presents to the outside decreases, and the semi conductive breath alcohol tester is made using this principle.

This type of semiconductor is sensitive to different gases at different operating temperatures;

Therefore, in semi conductive breath alcohol testers, heating elements are used to heat the sensor to a certain temperature, at which point the sensor has the highest sensitivity to alcohol.

So, different thresholds for alcohol concentration in different environments can be set through the keyboard.

If the detected alcohol concentration in the air exceeds the set threshold, the microcontroller will control the buzzer to sound an alarm to indicate harm.

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