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Detection of Polyphenolic Substances in Tea

2024-01-08 14:03

The UV visible spectrophotometer product can fully meet the above detection needs and provide customers with the work of establishing methods, so as to facilitate customers with such needs to quickly use the instrument and meet the unit detection requirements.

Adopting standards

GB/T 29602-2013 Solid Beverages and GB/T 21733-2008 Tea Beverages Appendix A Determination of Tea Polyphenols


Polyphenolic substances in tea can form sub blue complexes with ferrous ions, which are measured at 540nm using a spectrophotometer at a 10mm optical path.

1. Shake the more transparent sample solution (such as flavored tea drinks) thoroughly and set aside.

2. A relatively turbid sample solution (such as juice tea drinks, milk tea drinks, etc.)

Weigh the well mixed sample solution into a volumetric flask, add 95% ethanol and shake well. After spinning for 15 minutes, make up to the mark with water. Filter with slow quantitative filter paper and set aside.

3. Sample solution containing carbonated gas

Measure the thoroughly mixed sample solution into a beaker, weigh its total mass, and then heat it on an electric furnace until it boils. Heat it in a slightly boiling state for 10 minutes to remove carbon dioxide gas. After cooling, use less water than its original mass. Shake well and set aside.

Instrument and equipment

Thermo Scientific Evolution 300 is suitable for life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and QA/QC applications. The rich selection of accessories and low cost of ownership make it versatile, and for laboratories, its price is also very reasonable.

The powerful xenon lamp based platform and variable bandwidth make Evolution 300 particularly suitable for life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and QA/QC applications. The VISION software package extends instrument functionality, and intelligent attachments make analysis easier. The convenient feature of xenon lamp mobility saves valuable time and improves laboratory productivity.

Xenon lamp

Provide excellent performance across the full wavelength range

Ready to use, can quickly read without the need for instrument preheating

Only activated during measurement; Extend lamp lifespan and reduce instrument ownership costs

Main features of a 3-year guarantee

5 variable spectral bandwidth settings for matching user measurements with instruments

Collection speed: 50 data points per second

Long life xenon lamp

Powerful attachments to meet demanding applications

Full range for life sciences and QA/QC

No need to restart the instrument during installation or removal

Embedded software can immediately recognize attachments and make corresponding configurations

Each attachment has a unique record serial number to achieve comprehensive event recording and review tracking

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