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Testing items and standards for copper foil

2024-01-08 13:56

Copper foil is made by beating copper with a certain proportion of other metals, and is the most widely used decorative material. So how much do you know about copper foil? Do you know which items need to be tested for copper foil? Are there any testing standards?

Testing items:

Thickness testing, surface copper powder testing, performance testing, oxygen content testing, electrical resistivity testing, double conductive copper foil, mechanical testing, anti oxidation testing, factory testing, bending resistance testing, etc.

Testing standards:

GB/T 12629-1990 Thin copper-clad epoxy glass cloth laminates with limited flammability (for manufacturing multi-layer printed boards)

GB/T 16315-2017 Copper Clad Polyimide Fiberglass Cloth Laminates for Printed Circuits

GB/T 29847-2013 Test methods for copper foil for printed boards

GB/T 31980-2015 Recycled Copper Wire for Electrolytic Copper Foil

GB/T 31988-2015 Aluminum based copper-clad laminated sheets for printed circuits

GB/T 36146-2018 Rolled Copper Foil for Lithium ion Batteries

GB/T 4722-2017 Test Methods for Rigid Copper Clad Laminates for Printed Circuits

GB/T 4723-1992 Copper Clad Phenolic Paper Laminates for Printed Circuits

GB/T 4723-2017 Copper Clad Phenolic Paper Laminates for Printed Circuits

GB/T 4724-2017 Copper Clad Foil Composite Base Plate for Printed Circuits

GB 4725-1992 Copper Clad Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminates for Printed Circuits

SJ/T 11483-2014 Electrolytic copper foil for lithium-ion batteries

SJ/T 11534-2015 Copper Clad PTFE Fiberglass Cloth Laminates for Microwave Circuits

SJ/T 11551-2015 Resin coated copper foil for high-density interconnect printed circuits

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