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The principle of a constant temperature tape adhesion tester

2024-01-05 14:07

The constant temperature adhesive tape adhesion tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB4851 (Pressure sensitive adhesive tape adhesion test method) and the standard method for determining the adhesion force of adhesive paste;

Suitable for conducting adhesion testing on pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, stickers, ointments, thermosols, and other products.

Design standard for constant temperature tape adhesion tester:

GB4851 Pressure sensitive adhesive tape adhesion testing method

JISZ0237 Test methods for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets

ASTMD3654 Test method for shear viscosity of pressure-sensitive tapes

The testing principle of the constant temperature tape adhesion tester is as follows:

Hang the test plate with adhesive samples vertically on the test frame, and hang a weight of the specified weight at the lower end;

The displacement of the adhesive sample after a certain period of time, or the time when the sample completely detaches, is used to characterize the ability of the adhesive sample to resist detachment.

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