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How To Test Bursting Strength of Paper & Corrugated Boxes?

2023-11-07 13:59

The bursting strength of cartons and corrugated boxes is affected by a number of factors. The following are some of the key factors:

1.Type and quality of materials:** The type and quality of materials used for cardboard and corrugated boxes are important factors affecting their bursting strength. Different types of cardboard and corrugated board have different strengths and durability, so choosing the right material is critical to ensuring the bursting strength of the carton.

2.Structure of corrugated board:** Corrugated boxes usually consist of a core paper and a face paper, and their structure plays an important role in their bursting strength. The shape of the corrugated board's corrugations, the thickness and quality of the corrugated paper all affect the strength and durability of the carton.

3.Carton design:** The design of a carton also has an impact on its bursting strength. For example, factors such as the size and shape of the carton, the way it is seamed and the structure of the bottom may affect its ability to withstand external pressure.

4.Carton manufacturing process:** The process and level of technology used to manufacture the carton may also affect its bursting strength. For example, factors such as the quality of gluing, pressure and temperature control of the carton may have an effect on the strength of the carton.

5.Environmental conditions:** Environmental conditions may also have an effect on the bursting strength of cartons. For example, changes in temperature and humidity may cause the carton material to expand or contract, thereby affecting its strength.

6.Transportation and storage conditions:** The conditions experienced by cartons during transportation and storage may also have an effect on their bursting strength. For example, crushing, vibration, and exposure to moisture may result in a reduction in the strength of the carton.

Note that the above information is based on search results and may not be exhaustive. For more detailed and specific information, it is recommended to refer to relevant industry standards, manufacturers' guidelines or specialized carton design and testing literature.

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