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What industries are the 45° flammability tester used in?

2023-10-11 11:43

The 45° Flammability Tester is primarily used to assess the burning behaviour of materials, particularly at an angle of 45°. Whilst the most common application for the 45° Flammability Tester is in the textile industry, it is also suitable for testing the burning behaviour of other industries and materials. The following are some of the industries where a 45° flammability tester may be used:

1. Textile industry:

The textile industry is one of the most common application areas for the 45° Flammability Tester. The tester can be used to evaluate the combustion properties of textile materials, including fabrics, yarns, fibres, etc.

45 degree automatic burning tester.jpg

2. Furniture and Home Furnishings Industry:

The 45° flammability tester can be used to assess the burning behaviour of furniture and home furnishings, such as sofas, mattresses, curtains, carpets, etc. This helps to ensure that these products have a certain degree of combustion resistance in the event of a fire.

3. Plastic and rubber products industry:

The 45° Flammability Tester is also suitable for evaluating the burning performance of plastic and rubber products. These products include plastic parts, rubber seals, plastic packaging materials, etc. 4.

4. electronic and electrical equipment industry:

In the electronic and electrical equipment industry, 45° flammability testers can be used to assess the burning behaviour of equipment enclosures and insulation materials. This helps to ensure that equipment does not exacerbate the risk of fire under abnormal conditions.

5. Automotive and aerospace industries:

In the automotive and aerospace industries, 45° flammability testers can be used to assess the burning behaviour of vehicle interior materials, including seating materials, upholstery, wire insulation and more.

It is important to note that different industries and countries may have specific test standards and requirements that relate to the combustibility testing of different materials and products. Therefore, when using the 45° Flammability Tester in a specific industry, testing and evaluation should be carried out according to the appropriate standards and specifications.

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