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Specific methods for assessing fabric shrinkage in the BS EN 20079 standard

2023-09-08 14:04

BS EN 20079 is a standard related to fabrics and textiles, but it does not cover specific fabric shrinkage assessment methods. BS EN 20079 is a European standard that covers the specification of classification and terminology used for textiles.

However, for methods of assessing fabric shrinkage, a common reference is the ISO 6330 standard, which provides a standard test method for assessing the change in length of fabrics after home laundering. The following is an overview of commonly used fabric shrinkage assessment methods in the ISO 6330 standard:

1. Sample preparation: Cut standard size samples from the fabric and pre-wash using appropriate methods (e.g., according to washing instructions, label instructions, or other relevant requirements).

2. Measure the initial size: Before the sample is washed, measure the length and width of the sample and record the initial size.


3. Standardized washing process: standardize the washing process according to the washing conditions specified in the ISO 6330 standard, including detergent, washing time, temperature, rinsing, drying, etc.

4. Measure fabric shrinkage: After taking out the washed sample, measure its length and width and compare with the original size. Based on the measured change in length, calculate the percent shrinkage of the fabric.

The ISO 6330 standard also includes different categories of washing procedures to simulate various washing conditions and usage. If desired, wash programs suitable for specific applications or products can be selected for testing.

Please note that specific fabric shrinkage assessment methods may vary depending on country or organization regulations. Therefore, it is recommended to refer to applicable national or industry standards for specific applications, or to work with an accredited testing laboratory, to ensure that the correct method is used for fabric shrinkage assessment.

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