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Scratch resistance test program for automotive plastic interior parts

2023-08-08 10:39

In order to evaluate the scratch resistance of automotive plastic interior parts, the following test program can be used:

1. Test materials: Select representative automotive plastic interior trim materials as test samples. Ensure that the material, thickness and surface treatment of the sample are similar to those of the interior parts in actual application.

2. Test instruments: Prepare test instruments such as hardness tester and scratch tester.

3. Preparation of samples: According to the shape and size of the actual interior parts, prepare samples that meet the requirements. Cutting, molding or injection molding can be used.

4. Sample surface treatment: according to the need, the sample surface treatment, such as spraying, coating, etc., in order to simulate the actual use of the situation.

5. Determine the test parameters: Determine the key parameters in the test, such as scratch load, scratch speed, etc.. These parameters should match the actual use conditions and comply with the relevant standards and norms.

6. Scratch test: use the scratch tester to conduct the test. According to a certain load and speed, scratch on the surface of the sample, can use different shapes and hardness of the scratching tool, such as steel wire brush, steel nails and so on. According to the need, single or multiple scratch tests can be carried out.

7. Evaluation of scratching performance: Evaluate the scratching performance by observing and recording the damage on the sample surface after the scratching test. A microscope or other surface analyzing instrument can be used to observe and measure the scratch area.

8. Data Analysis and Comparison: Organize and analyze data on different samples to compare their scratch performance. Consideration can be given to the use of quantitative indicators, such as scratch depth, scratch width and so on.

9. Result validation: Based on actual use experience and relevant standards, verify the reliability and applicability of the scratch test results.

It should be noted that the above test scheme only provides a basic framework, and the specific test methods and parameters should be adjusted and optimized according to the actual situation and needs. Relevant standards and specifications should also be referred to before conducting the test to ensure the accuracy and comparability of the test.

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