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Loud Socks Quality Assurance: Tensile Testing Instruments

2023-08-04 09:45

Tensile testing is an important method to measure the quality of socks, and the tensile testing instrument is the key equipment to conduct the tensile test. Below are some common tensile testing instruments:

1. Universal Material Testing Machine

Universal material testing machine is a common tensile testing instrument, which is also widely used in the tensile testing of socks. It can measure a variety of mechanical property parameters such as tensile, compression, bending, etc. It has a wide range of application and high reliability. Universal material testing machine is usually equipped with fixtures and transducers, which can fix the socks on the testing machine and measure the strain and stress of the socks when subjected to different forces.

2. Linear Potentiometric Strain Gauge

Linear potentiometric strain gauge is a common transducer for measuring strain and is widely used in tensile testing. It can measure the strain of a sock when subjected to different forces to calculate the degree of elasticity and stretch of the sock. The linear potential strain gauge can be connected to a computer through a cable to record the stretching data of the socks in real time.

3. Digital Image Correlation Technology

Digital image correlation technology is a non-contact measurement method to accurately measure the length and width of socks. In tensile testing, digital image correlation technology can be used to measure the degree of deformation and shape change of socks during the stretching process. Parameters such as tensile properties and modulus of elasticity of the sock can be obtained by this method.

4. Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imager is a non-contact measuring device, which can measure the temperature change of socks in the stretching process by infrared imaging technology. By measuring the temperature change of the sock, the degree of stretching and the change in elasticity of the sock can be inferred. Thermal imaging cameras can provide very accurate tensile test data, which is especially effective in testing highly elastic materials.

To summarize, the above are several common sock tensile testing instruments, which can help manufacturers evaluate the quality and performance of socks and improve the competitiveness of their products. When choosing a tensile testing instrument, you need to select the suitable equipment according to the characteristics of socks and the purpose of the test, in order to obtain accurate and reliable test results.

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