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What's the fabric penetration tester?

2023-05-17 13:57

Fabric Permeability Tester is a device used to test the permeability properties of fabrics. It can be used to test the performance of fabrics such as breathability, moisture permeability and water repellency to evaluate the effectiveness of fabrics in different environments.

Fabric Permeability Tester usually consists of a test instrument and a test fixture. The test instrument mainly includes a compression pump and a manometer, which is used to measure the amount of air or water permeability in the fabric under a certain pressure. The test fixture is used to clamp the fabric sample to be tested and to ensure a uniform distribution of pressure and area on the sample. During the test, the fabric sample is clamped in the fixture, and the testing instrument will apply a certain pressure to pass air or water through the fabric and measure the amount of permeability, so as to obtain the fabric permeability index.

Fabric Permeability Tester is widely used in textile, apparel, footwear, furniture, automotive upholstery and other industries, which can help enterprises evaluate and improve the performance and quality of products, and increase the competitiveness and market share of products.

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