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What is a fabric light transmittance tester and how does it work?

2023-05-10 16:28

fabric transmittance tester is an instrument used to test the transmission of light through a fabric. It measures fabric light transmission, which is the amount of light passing through a fabric, usually expressed as a percentage. A fabric transmittance tester usually consists of a light source and a detector to provide accurate measurements.


During the test, a fabric sample is placed in the tester's fixture and exposed to a light source. The test instrument measures the amount of light passing through the fabric to determine the fabric's transmittance. Test results can be displayed on the tester's screen or analyzed and recorded by connecting to a computer as needed.

The fabric transmittance tester is widely used in textile production and quality control. It helps manufacturers to determine the light transmission properties of fabrics to ensure the quality and consistency of fabrics. In addition, the fabric transmittance tester can also be used to design and develop new products to help manufacturers select the most suitable fabric material.

In short, the fabric light transmission tester is an important tool for testing the light transmission properties of fabrics. It can help manufacturers determine the light transmission of fabrics to ensure the quality and consistency of their products, and can also be used to design and develop new products.

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