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What are the industry standard methods for measuring fabric light transmittance?

2023-05-10 16:09

The industry standard methods for measuring fabric light transmittance include:

Spectrophotometer: A spectrophotometer measures the amount of light absorbed or transmitted by a fabric in a particular spectrum range.

Integrating Sphere: An integrating sphere is a hollow chamber that uniformly distributes light throughout a fabric sample, measuring the total amount of light transmitted through the fabric.

Goniophotometer: A goniophotometer measures the directional properties of light transmission through a fabric, including angle of incidence and angle of light, while also measuring the spectral output.

Lux Meter: A lux meter measures the intensity of light transmitted through a fabric in lux units, which are used to evaluate the fabric's ability to diffuse and transmit light evenly.

Visual Inspection: A subjective method of evaluating fabric light transmittance, where the appearance of a fabric under natural and artificial light is evaluated by human assessors.

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