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The Pros and Cons of Using a fabric penetration tester

2023-05-04 13:40

fabric penetration tester is a tool used to test the water resistance of fabrics. It works by applying water pressure to the fabric and observing whether or not water penetrates through the material.


1. Accurate testing: A fabric penetration tester provides accurate results and can help identify the most effective water-resistant fabrics.

2. Time-saving: The use of a fabric penetration tester can save time by quickly identifying fabrics that are either water-resistant or not.

3. Cost-effective: Using a fabric penetration tester can be cost-effective because it reduces the need for expensive waterproofing treatments on fabrics that would not hold up in wet conditions.

Textile Apparel Test.jpg


1. Limited scope: A fabric penetration tester only tests for water resistance. Other factors like durability, breathability, and comfort are not taken into consideration.

2. Potential damage: The application of high-pressure water on certain fabrics can cause damage such as stretching or tearing.

3. Safety concerns: Fabric penetration testers use high-pressure water, which can be dangerous if not handled properly. Operators must take extra precautions to avoid injury.

Overall, using a fabric penetration tester can be an effective way to determine the water resistance of fabrics, but it should be used in conjunction with other tests and considerations to ensure fabrics meet all necessary requirements.

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