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What is a paper burst strength tester and how does it work?

2023-04-10 13:53

The Paper Burst Strength Tester is a common paper quality testing device that can be used to test the strength and durability of paper. This tester helps manufacturers to understand the quality and performance of paper during the production process and to ensure that the quality of paper meets the needs of customers. This article will introduce the working principle and application scenarios of Paper Burst Strength Tester.

I. The working principle of Paper Burst Strength Tester

Paper Burst Strength Tester adopts the principle of bending in physics. In the test process, a sheet of paper is stretched through the cantilever arm above two pinions, and then fixed on a base at the lower part. The cantilevers are bent downward, creating a rupture or tear in the prongs. A tester measures the force applied and records it on a reader. Test results are usually expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI) or Newton/meter2 (N/m2).

Paper Burst Strength Test.jpg

Application Scenarios of Paper Burst Strength Tester

Paper Burst Strength Tester is mainly used for strength and durability testing of paper, cardboard, paper products and other materials. In practical applications, this tester is often used in the following areas:

1. paper production: manufacturers need to ensure that the paper they produce meets the highest quality standards. the Paper Burst Strength Tester ensures paper quality and compliance with specifications by measuring the tear point pressure and bending pressure of the paper.

2. Paper processing: Paper needs to have strength and durability during printing and paper processing. paper Burst Strength Tester can be used to test the strength and performance of paper when subjected to external forces, ensuring quality and performance during paper processing.

3. packaging materials: Paper Burst Strength Tester can also be applied to the testing of packaging materials. Testers can measure the strength and abrasion resistance of packaging materials to ensure that they can withstand the pressure and vibration during transportation.

Overall, the Paper Burst Strength Tester is an important piece of quality testing equipment that helps manufacturers understand the performance of paper. The tester's simple construction and accurate, reliable results allow manufacturers to better grasp the key parameters of paper quality, while also increasing customer confidence in their products.

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