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What are the different types of mask testing equipment available in the market?

2023-04-10 13:42

With the raging of the new crown virus epidemic, people gradually realize the importance of masks, and the use of masks has become an indispensable part of modern life. The quality inspection of masks has also become the key to epidemic prevention and control. There are various mask testing equipment on the market. This article will introduce the types of mask testing equipment on the market.

1. Particle detector

The particle detector is a detection device for detecting the concentration of particles in the air, and can also be used to detect the particle filtering effect of masks. Such detection equipment includes pearlite meter, light scattering particle size spectrometer and scanning electron microscope. Through these devices, the particle filtration efficiency of the mask and the processing technology of the mask can be detected, which provides a strong technical guarantee for the quality management of the mask.


2. Flame resistance tester

Some masks are designed or manufactured using materials that contain flammable substances. Fire accidents will occur when masks using these materials are cracked. The flame tester can be used to test the flammability of mask materials, helping manufacturers to eliminate this safety hazard of masks.

3. Differential pressure tester

The pressure difference tester can test the filtration efficiency of the mask, and test the pressure difference that the surface needs to withstand under the condition of specific flow rate. The difference between the pressure difference tester and the particle detector is that it is to ensure its qualification by testing the quality and filtering effect of the mask. In addition, the pressure difference tester can also be used to detect the air flow of the mask to help detect whether the mask is too tight.

4. Microbiological detector

The microbiological detector can detect the reproduction of microorganisms inside the mask, including pathogenic bacteria such as Brucella and Staphylococcus aureus. The detection by the microbial detector can effectively reduce the infectivity of the mask during use.

Mask & Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester2.jpg

5. Pulse heat detector

The pulse heat detector, also known as the welding heat detector, is used to detect whether the mask is poorly bonded due to materials, processes, etc., resulting in quality hazards such as air leakage and water leakage. It is an indispensable type of equipment in the production of masks.

6. Storage performance tester

The storage performance tester can detect the quality stability of the mask under different temperature and humidity conditions to understand the storage life of the mask. This type of testing equipment is mainly used for mask quality control, which can help manufacturers grasp the continuous stability of mask quality.

In short, there are many types of mask testing equipment on the market, and each equipment has different detection functions. Manufacturers can choose appropriate testing equipment according to different needs to ensure that the quality of the masks produced is safe and qualified.

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