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Detailed Explanation of Universal Tensile Strength Tester

2023-02-23 15:26

The Universal Tensile Strength Tester is designed to measure the tensile, compression, bending, shear, bond strength of rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper, aerospace, packaging, construction, petrochemical, electrical, vehicle and other materials , Peel, tear and other tests. Universal testing machine is the basic equipment for quality control, acceptance, physical test, mechanical research, and material development.


ISO13934-1, 13934-2, 13935-1, 13935-2, 13936-1, 13936-2, 13936-3, 13937-2, 13937-3, 13937-4, 1421, 2411, 2062, 4674-1, 5082, 9073.3, 9073.4, 9073.18

ASTM D 434, D751, D885, D1683, D2256, D2261, D2724, D2731, D3787, D4034, D4964, D5034, D5035, D5587, D5733, D5735.

BS 2543, 2576, 3320, 3424, 4303, 4304,

M&S P11, P12, P13, P14

JIS L1096

Fabric Tensile Testing Machines


It adopts AC PANASONIC AC servo drive system, Taiwan SESAME gear reducer, synchronous pulley, and TBI precision ball screw assembly, so that the instrument beam moves stably, with low noise and high extension accuracy.

The aluminum alloy column shell is used, and after high temperature treatment, the solidified injection on the surface of the machine will never fade.

The universal tensile testing machine adopts various protective measures:

Beam limit cam protector

Fixture contact avoidance protection device

Set displacement and load software protection

Sensor overload protection, sample loading software protection

Overcurrent and overvoltage protection

Real-time monitoring of main components makes it safer and more reliable when using the machine.

The fabric strength testing machine adopts an open system: the user can edit the test program, data analysis formula and test report according to the category, characteristics and test method requirements of the test material.

The Universal Tensile Strength Tester provides a variety of user-friendly automatic modes.

When using electronic grippers, the test start can be set to automatic gripping start or pre-tensioning automatic gripping start. It is also set so that the grips open automatically after the test is complete.

The universal testing machine can also set the clamping distance and automatic positioning.

The scraping distance can be set freely.

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