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Why is there no salt monitoring in the salt spray test chamber?

2023-02-10 15:30

I met a customer who bought a QINSUN instrument salt spray test chamber before, and asked why our salt spray test does not have salt monitoring? Will it lead to inaccurate test results?

The answer is: no.

Economic Salt Spray Tester

Because there is no sensor (probe) that can be put into sodium chloride (salt) for testing, according to the international standard, it is 5% sodium chloride solution, that is, the ratio of salt to water is 1:19, but we all use salt It is prepared after weighing with water.

If the customer insists on putting an extra thing in, we can do it, but we still have to remind the customer that salt is corrosive, and if you put an extra probe in, it will be corroded and become a consumable. A sensor costs 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. It can be used for two or three months, which is completely unnecessary.

So if it is to monitor how much salt water is left in the test, we can add a salt water monitoring system to it, and the test results will not be imaged at all. Moreover, the salt spray test chamber has a timer, which automatically shuts down after the test is completed. When the test is started next time, it will automatically record the accumulated time of the last test. There is also a timer to calculate how long the test has been done, so there is no need to worry. .

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