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How to reduce the high incidence of common failures of Salt Spray Tester?

2022-05-30 10:04

The Salt Spray Tester is the most widely available environmental test equipment on the market. It provides a corrosion-resistant geographical environment for the cargo and tests the corrosion resistance of the cargo. How many factors do you know about common equipment failures?

Any equipment often has an application time limit, test equipment is like this, there will be many difficulties if the application time limit is exceeded, so people should learn from the usual application and maintenance to minimize the frequency of equipment mechanical failures, it is worth mentioning that , People conduct maintenance, for experiments, the principle of switching power supply of mechanical failure is a very important content, how to content, how to find mechanical faults from the principle of switching power supply in detail, must master the basic concepts of the principle of switching power supply, as well as appropriate mechanical faults Check and eliminate methods.

Mechanical failures related to Salt Spray Tester are mainly divided into mechanical failures of their own and human failures. To be frank, mechanical failures are caused by the fact that the equipment cannot work considering the basic application specifications and proper operation procedures of the high and low temperature box. It means that the mechanical equipment itself has no mechanical failure, and it is the wrong operation process that causes the test equipment to enter the safety awareness or cause some effect failures.

Standard Salt Spray Test Machine.jpg

The test equipment is a test instrument capable of simulating a corrosion-resistant geographical environment. Since the seabed in the universe occupies 71% of the area, the ocean climate is very harmful to people's daily life. Then, everyone invented and created this equipment to facilitate the simulation of simulated cargoes in corrosion-resistant geographic environments, often causing physical changes and exothermic reactions, to verify the quality and characteristics of the cargo, and to facilitate the design and improvement of the cargo. Compared with natural marine resources, the corrosion-resistant geographical environment simulated by the test equipment has the advantages of short test time, operable corrosion-resistant geographical environment and strong observation.

As a result, the precision of the Salt Spray Tester is getting higher and higher, and therefore the requirements for practical operation are becoming more and more stringent. I think most of the reasons for equipment are due to incorrect instruction manuals and cannot be maintained, so people should operate machinery and equipment proficiently and properly.

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