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Do You Make Theese Simple Mistakes In Textile Color Fastness Test?

2022-05-30 09:56

There is no room for sloppy testing of textile color fastness. You must be careful and careful when testing. There are some issues that you need to know in advance to avoid unnecessary problems. Textile color fastness testing often needs to pay attention to the following matters.

1. Prepare the combined sample

First of all, the first process is to prepare the test sample according to the testing standard requirements, referred to as the sample. Cut the sample and choose multi-fiber lining or single-fiber lining according to the requirements in the standard or the requirements specified by the enterprise customer. After selecting the lining that fits the sample, stitch the sample to form a combined sample. Here are a few things to note:

(1) When receiving the inspection task list, first check whether the sample is consistent with the description of the task list. For example, the color of the sample, the quantity of the sample, whether the sample is knitted or woven, etc.

(2) After checking the sample information is correct, start to cut the size of the sample according to the standard or customer requirements. In the process of cutting, it is necessary to clearly understand whether the lining fabric specified in the standard is a multi-fiber lining or a single-fiber lining. For multi-fiber lining, it is also very important to note that all the colors are perpendicular to the six fiber strips of the multi-fiber lining fabric during the cutting process. If it is not possible to include all the color samples at one time, then multiple sets of samples should be prepared for testing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results.

leather rubbing fastness testing machine.jpg

(3) After cutting the sample according to the standard requirements, sew it with the selected lining along a short side of the lining, thus completing the combined sample for the test. At the same time, the combined sample should be accurately placed, and put it in the specified corresponding position to prepare for the personnel who will perform the test later.

2. Carry out the test operation according to the standard requirements

Since the process of preparation and test of the combined sample is operated by separate personnel, when testing this process, it is necessary to prepare the corresponding test solution for testing according to the requirements of the standard. How to do a good test should do the following:

(1) The first is the equipment aspect. The validity of the equipment must be checked before work to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results. Checking whether the equipment is working properly is something that must be done before starting work every day. Cleaning and maintenance of instruments and equipment before get off work is also one of the effective and feasible methods to ensure the life of instruments and equipment.


(2) Before starting the test, it is necessary to check whether the combination sample of perspiration resistance to alkali and acid resistance is placed in the correct position and marked accordingly to ensure the accuracy of the test process. Issues such as the specified liquor ratio, time, weight quality and the number of samples placed must be carried out in strict accordance with the standard requirements, so as to ensure the accuracy, feasibility and validity of the test data.

(3) For samples that are difficult to completely wet, they should be completely wetted. Otherwise, there is a big difference between the results of the test and the results of complete wetting.

(4) Comparison of personnel differences. There may be differences in the operation of different people in the same experiment, so the comparison of differences between people is a very important thing in daily work. Through the comparison of personnel differences, some unnecessary human errors are reduced, and the accuracy and reliability of the test data can be achieved.

3. the good rating

Use the gray sample card to evaluate the discoloration of the sample and the staining of the lining fabric, and finally issue a report. Rating is the last and most important process, and the result of the rating is the conclusion that the customer or consumer finally sees. A few things to know about making a good rating:

(1) First of all, you must clearly understand the relevant standards, be familiar with the standard requirements and the relevant regulations of the enterprise, and make a correct assessment of the series of the combined sample.

(2) It is necessary to understand the work content of the previous two processes, and be able to accurately judge the problems in the previous process, so as to detect and correct errors in time. In addition, the rating under the D65 light source stipulated in the standard must be strictly implemented to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the rated series. At the same time, it should also follow the 45° angle evaluation requirements specified in the standard.

(3) Differences in eyesight. In terms of gaze, it is necessary to perform gaze difference comparison within a specified time. In this way, some human errors can effectively avoid unnecessary losses to enterprises and customers.

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