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The Simplest Guidance For Uv Aging Test Chamber We Could Ever Give

2022-05-28 08:22

The UV aging tester mainly simulates the aging phenomenon of the sun's ultraviolet light on the items. Since some aging phenomena occur under outdoor sunlight, most of them are related to the sun's ultraviolet light, so when the artificial light aging test is conducted, it is mainly based on simulating ultraviolet light. The UV aging test chamber not only simulates the strong UV spectrum in the sunlight, but also the surrounding climate environment, making the UV aging scene more realistic.

UV aging tester can not only light test, but also has other climate simulation functions, in general, the UV aging tester has light, high temperature, humidity, rain, condensation, darkness and other climate simulation functions, to comprehensive aging test of test items. Among them, high temperature, humidity is conducive to the aging reaction of UV light on test items, rain, condensation, darkness, etc. can help test items better exposed to UV light environment, have a certain role in accelerating aging.


UV aging tester in actual use, in accordance with the box distributed with the operating instructions to operate, because the test is slightly longer, so if the operation is not standardized, it is easy to cause the test to fail, wasting test resources. Here we will specify the steps and methods of operation of the UV aging tester.

The Simplest Guidance For Uv Aging Test Chamber You Could Ever Give

1. Sample the test sample, the standard sample size of 150mm long * 70mm wide, thickness 1 ~ 3mm thick;

2. Open the two sides of the test chamber cover, first remove the sample frame above the fixed spring ring, and then remove the light-blocking blind hole plate, and then put the sample into the sample frame flat, and use the spring steel ring to fix reliable, to ensure that the sample surface and the lamp surface distance is uniform, so as not to affect the test results;

3. If the sample is very small, first fix the sample on the light-blocking blind hole plate, and then cover the blind hole plate with the sample frame to avoid leakage of light and water;

4. If the sample is very small, you can not turn on the lamp on both sides, only the lamp on the side of the sample can be turned on;

5. Put down the two sides of the cover plate, cover;

6. Check the power wiring of the machine is correct when open the main switch behind the machine

7. Turn on the power switch on the panel (POWER) and the controller will start to display, then operate on the controller (see the controller operation manual for detailed operation);

8. Irradiation intensity size calibration, the equipment is equipped with handheld irradiation intensity calibrator, fix the probe in the middle of the equipment sample frame in the hole above the fixed plate, then cover the cover, light up the light, pay attention to view the irradiation intensity of the handheld irradiance meter, the calibrator shows the unit is uw/cm2X100 times, that is, W/m2, corresponding to the measurement spectrum range is 315 ~ 375nm, the peak Wavelength 340nm; the optical bandwidth of the calibrator is 6; so the measured irradiance intensity value needs to be divided by a multiple of 6 to be the peak irradiance intensity of 340nm.

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