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Outdoor Glove-Type Nucleic Acid Testing Kiosk

2022-05-18 01:47

In order to better protect the safety of medical staff and provide a comfortable and independent working environment. QINSUN has launched a portable outdoor glove-type nucleic acid testing booth, which can separate the sampling staff from those participating in nucleic acid testing, providing a safe sampling space.

Nucleic acid detection kiosks want to use occasions:

1. Hospitals, testing institutions

Medical staff can perform non-contact sampling operations on patients without wearing heavy protective clothing, allowing medical staff to be protected during virus sampling.

2. Expressway toll gate

The staff can complete the non-contact sampling without wearing protective clothing. The sampled person directly drives the car to the mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation box, and can complete the sampling without getting off the car, which is safe and convenient.

3. Airport, high-speed rail bus station

It is extremely inconvenient and very tiring for staff to wear heavy and hot protective clothing for a long time in an important transportation hub with dense crowds. The mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation box can provide a safe and fresh environment. The staff stands in the isolation box to complete nucleic acid sampling and information. registration, etc.

Infectious Disease Portable Test Sampling Booth.jpg

4. Gathering performances or gatherings

Due to the concentrated gathering of people, in order to ensure the safety and health of everyone, a large number of people need to be sampled for nucleic acid before the performance. The staff who use the mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation box can conduct non-contact nucleic acid sampling to avoid the risk of infection and improve the sampling efficiency.


1. Ultraviolet disinfection, can be timed.

2. Equipped with primary filtration device and anti-virus high-efficiency air filtration system, the filtration efficiency of 0.3μm particle size particles is ≧99.995%.

3. Bracket casters, easy to move

4. The cavity is designed with positive pressure, the positive pressure in the warehouse is ≧ 20pa, which prevents external bacteria from flowing into the cavity.

5. The air supply volume inside the warehouse is ≧500m³/h.

6. The cavity is controlled by constant temperature, with dual-system air conditioners.

7. Equipped with transfer window (ultraviolet sterilization, mechanical interlock), the size can be customized.

8. Double-station operation, more convenient and user-friendly.

QINSUN is a professional manufacturer of testing equipment and instruments. It mainly provides nucleic acid sampling workstations/double nucleic acid sampling cabins/double nucleic acid sampling boxes/nucleic acid sampling booths/mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation boxes and other equipment. Welcome to order.

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