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Share 3 maintenance methods of electronic universal testing machine

2022-05-18 01:37

The electronic universal testing machine is a mechanical force tester for testing the mechanical properties of materials such as static load, compression, tension, bending and shearing. It is suitable for testing various physical and mechanical properties of pipes, plastic sheets, profiles, plastic films, rubber, wires and cables, etc. The electronic universal testing machine is an indispensable testing equipment for material development, physical property testing, teaching research and quality control.

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After the specimen is clamped, load the specimen slowly and evenly, and use the active tensile device on the testing machine to draw the relationship curve between external force and deformation. When the load is added to the point, the upper part of the tensile diagram, the straight line represents the proportional relationship between the load and the deformation of the specimen at this stage, that is, the elastic deformation limit that conforms to Hooke's law.

The following are three maintenance methods for the electronic universal testing machine:

1. Pay special attention to waterproof and moisture-proof, and also need to apply anti-rust oil frequently to prevent rust. As long as you do this well, you should be fine.

2. The universal testing machine should pay attention to keep the opposite surface or sliding surface of the jaws clean to avoid collision. Clean up the debris in the jaw in time. If the jaws are clogged, clean them with a steel brush dampened with gasoline. Never clean with hard tools to avoid damaging the jaws.

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3. That is, anti-rust parts are often coated with anti-rust oil. Corrosion and rust are the main reasons for destroying these firmware and can cause a lot of damage to all kinds of vehicles. According to statistics, the economic loss caused by metal corrosion accounts for about 2% to 4% of the gross national economic output value every year. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the anti-rust work of the instrument firmware, and at the same time, choose a reasonable cleaning agent and packaging material, so that the anti-rust oil can play its due role, otherwise, only the anti-rust oil can not achieve good results.

If you want the electronic universal testing machine to be used for a long time, you must understand the daily maintenance methods. If you want to know other information about the electronic universal testing machine, or want to know the price information of the electronic universal testing machine, please contact QINSUN testing.

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