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How to prevent injuries from UV Accelerated Weathering Tester?

2022-05-17 08:23

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester is a device that conducts light resistance test on non-metallic products by artificially imitating the ultraviolet rays generated by natural ultraviolet environment and high temperature conditions to obtain the light resistance results of materials. Fluorescent ultraviolet light is generally used as a light source. The ultraviolet rays in the experiment are harmful to human skin. For example, places with strong ultraviolet rays are prone to tanning, and severe cases may suffer from skin cancer; they also have certain effects on the human eyeball, such as induced cataracts, and ultraviolet rays such as those on plateaus such as Tibet. Strong areas are the high incidence areas of this ophthalmic disease. Therefore, we need to protect ourselves while using the UV Accelerated Weathering Tester for convenience.

The following 4 points of protection can be made during the UV test:

1. Ultraviolet rays have strong penetrability and are generally divided into long-wave lamps, medium-wave lamps and short-wave lamps. When operating short-wave lamps, you need to wear thick work clothes, UV protective glasses and UV protective gloves to protect your skin and eyes from UV rays.


2. Compared with short-wave lamps, UV Accelerated Weathering Tester has stronger penetration of medium-wave ultraviolet rays. If you do not wear professional protective clothing and glasses, long-term use can cause skin capillaries to rupture and skin redness.

 UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

3. Compared with long-wave and medium-wave, short-wave UV is more destructive and can be directly used for medical sterilization. If you need to work under short-wave ultraviolet rays for a long time, it is essential to wear a professional protective mask correctly.


4. Short-wave ultraviolet light has strong bactericidal power, but relatively weak penetrating power. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is no obstruction by other test objects during the test to ensure the accuracy of the test.


The UV Accelerated Weathering Tester can achieve the test effect of natural changes in a short time, and test the damage caused by ultraviolet rays under non-artificial conditions. Such as embrittlement, air oxidation and other problems. When maintaining the equipment, it should be noted that the equipment is not a studio, keep it dry and ventilated, and try not to change the ambient temperature of the equipment too much.

Do you have a deeper understanding of UV Accelerated Weathering Tester after reading these? Interested customers are welcome to inquire or leave a message to us for the latest quotation!

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