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How to properly maintain the horizontal and vertical combustion tester?

2022-05-13 06:33

The horizontal and vertical combustion tester is used to detect the combustion performance of textiles. The stainless steel test box is equipped with a glass observation window, which automatically counts the time when the sample starts to burn, accurate to 0.1s. The ignition time can be set freely. At present, the use of horizontal and vertical combustion testers is very widely used in the textile and material industries and the frequency is very high, so in the long-term use process, that kind of wear and consumption is inevitable, so it must be maintained regularly.

Horizontal and vertical burning tester

It is mainly used to measure the combustion performance of plastic, rubber or film under specified fire source to judge its fire resistance grade. It is not only suitable for the research, production and quality inspection departments of lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, motors, tools, instruments and other equipment, as well as electrical connectors and other electrical and electronic plastic or rubber products and their components, but also for insulation materials, engineering Type approval of plastics, fire blocking materials or other solid combustible materials

Precautions for horizontal and vertical combustion tester:

1. Operators should wear flame-resistant clothing to avoid being ignited by flames or burned materials, and be careful not to touch them with hands

2. When the flame is accidentally extinguished, re-ignite as soon as possible or press the "GAS OFF" button

3. When the operator temporarily leaves the instrument, he should press the "GAS OFF" key in time

4. The exhaust fan can only be turned on after the experiment is over


1. The torch carriage moving device and the lateral moving device of the sample holder do not need to be lubricated, just adjust the tightening of the fixing bolts on the back; Compressed air blows the residue away

2. Before each test, check whether there is any residue in the torch

3. Do not lubricate the exhaust fan

4. After the test every day, wipe the inner wall of the box and the observation window

5. After a period of use, wash the sample holder with a suitable cleaning agent

6. Every three months or six months, do a flame school

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