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Ozone Aging Test Chamber: Understanding Four Concentration Test Methods

2022-05-14 12:36

Ozone is a chemically unstable gas, so it is difficult to collect and measure its content in air and water. The following editor will introduce four methods for ozone concentration detection in four ozone aging test chambers.

1. Iodometric method: The previous determination method is to separate the ozone layer with iodized oil in potassium iodide solution to make it color, and then use sodium thiosulfate for titration reduction to colorless test, and measure the consumption of sodium thiosulfate. Use this to measure the ozone concentration. The color development of this law is intuitive and the equipment is cheap, but it should use various chemical testing instruments such as medicines, measuring cylinders, washing bottles, balances, burettes, etc., which are inconvenient to use and easily interfered by other oxidants. It is still a testing method in China. .

 Ozone aging chamber

2. Ultraviolet absorption method: Using the large amount of ultraviolet absorption value of ozone, the wavelength is 254nm. Attenuate ultraviolet rays in an ozone environment, and then obtain data output through photoelectric elements and electronic circuits (for circuit comparison, digital-to-analog conversion, data processing). But this method is expensive and is usually used in testing units and production and research units.


3. Electrochemical method: The point chemical reduction effect produced by ozone in the water during the electroactivation process is used, and the current change curve is proportional to the ozone concentration in the solution in the point circuit. The device has the function of data output, and realizes the online measurement and closed-loop feedback control of the ozone generator. Cheaper than UV and smaller in size. Now it has been used in large-scale water treatment projects.


4. Colorimetric method: This method and the iodometric method are both chemical methods. The ozone concentration is determined by the color development or decolorization caused by the reaction of ozone to chemical reagents. The chemical reagents can use nearby toluidine, potassium iodide and blue dyes, etc. A wide variety of chemicals can be observed directly with the naked eye, compared with standard color tubes and cuvettes, or can be checked using a spectrophotometer.


The above are the four concentration test methods mentioned by the editor. For customers who want to know about the Qinsun ozone aging test chamber, please contact our company directly.

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