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Matters that must be avoided in the operation of the UV aging test chamber

2022-05-12 13:12

The UV aging test chamber can also meet the radiation uniformity of relevant standards. If the sample holder on both sides is not considered, the overall radiation uniformity will exceed 90%. In the UV aging test chamber, due to the limitation of the sample chamber geometry, the radiation intensity of the sample holder on both sides is lower than that of the sample in the middle position. The fluorescent tube was on for the entire section. The sample received most of the light from the portion near the lamp, but was also exposed to light from the lamp portion on the left and right sides of the sample. But the specimen on the left is not exposed to the light on the left, because the light does not extend to the left. So likewise the sample on the right is not exposed to the light on its right.

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

Although the two-sided radiation measurements are slightly lower, it is recommended that all tests be used for result evaluation, but it is recommended that the sample site should be changed throughout the test. If consumers are reluctant to relocate the sample, or specify that all sections have radiation uniformity in excess of 90%, they can choose to maintain blanks for the tail samples. After proper installation and test piece installation, the temperature uniformity in the test chamber is very good. It is important to avoid any gaps between the two ends of the test piece or between the test pieces, so that the high temperature air in the UV aging test box can rush out of the box. , let it cool.

When using, operators should avoid the following operations:

1. The time for opening the box door should be shortened as much as possible during the test phase.

2. The box is equipped with a sensor device, which must not suffer from strong collision.

3. During the operation of the equipment, an adequate water source must be ensured.

4. Since ultraviolet radiation has strong damage to the human body (especially the eyes), the operator should reduce its exposure to ultraviolet light as much as possible (should be <1min). It is recommended that the operator be equipped with eyepieces and a boot.

5. When the equipment fails to be eliminated, please contact the manufacturer of the UV aging test chamber.

The above are the 5 precautions for the operation of the UV aging test box. Do you have a deeper understanding of the UV aging machine after reading these? Interested customers are welcome to inquire or leave a message to us for the latest quotation!

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