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3 aging factors that must be simulated in the aging test box

2022-05-10 12:35

There are many types of aging test chambers, and different types of test equipment are suitable for different materials, but the operation of such test equipment must be carried out on a certain basis. The three major factors affecting the aging test are temperature, light, humidity, etc.

1. Humidity factor: Many types of test equipment are affected by humidity. Usually, the humidity factor is actually the condition of humidity. In daily life, rain and dew or items in a high humidity environment may cause humidity aging. Items are prone to aging if they are in a humid environment for a long time. For example, if the aging layer on the surface is removed, the items without aging will further age. Compared with rain and dew, dew is easier to adsorb on the material, and the adsorption time is long, so dew is more likely to cause Moisture causes aging, and the rainy season is mainly manifested as mechanical corrosion caused by rain erosion, which accelerates the aging of equipment.

 3 aging factors that must be simulated in the aging test box

2. Lighting factor: Many aging tests are affected by factors such as light, and different materials have different sensitivity to light. Take the ultraviolet aging test box as an example. The short waveband of ultraviolet rays will make some materials with strong durability. Such as plastics, coatings, etc., polymer aging occurs, and some substances such as pigments or fuels need to be aged by ultraviolet light.


3. Temperature factor: For some aging tests, temperature is an important factor, such as high-temperature aging test chambers. When the temperature is high, the destructive ability to light is relatively strong, although temperature is not the main factor affecting the photoreaction. However, the destructive power of light will change accordingly. Therefore, a corresponding temperature control system should be provided to make the testing equipment accelerate its aging process by heating.


In addition to the above three factors, there are three other factors affecting the aging test box. The factors affecting different types of test equipment are different. For more information, please consult online customer service.

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