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The role of Burning Manikin System in the field of thermal protection

2022-05-09 09:14

In a fire-hazardous environment, people need to wear thermal protective clothing to avoid flame injuries. Thermal protective clothing is used to protect firefighters, steel workers and other personnel working in high temperature hazardous locations. With the increase of clothing exposure time in the flame, the surface temperature of the clothing will gradually increase due to the direct burning of the flame, and a large amount of heat transfer causes the air layer under the clothing and the surface temperature of the human body to increase at the same time. Under the fire of the clothing, not only the thermal physical properties of the fabric itself will change and affect its thermal protection performance, but also after leaving the flash fire environment, the surface temperature of the clothing will still remain in a high range, and it will be different from the clothing under the clothing. And the temperature of the surface of the human body forms a temperature difference, and the continuous heat transfer causes the surface temperature of the human body to continue to rise.

Burning Manikin System

Studies have shown that burns may occur after a flash fire, and the energy stored in the fabric is also an important factor in predicting burns. Therefore, even if the thermal protective clothing can resist the burning of the flame for a short time, the clothing can still cause burns during the cooling process. Therefore, it is particularly important to study the temperature changes of clothing and human body after burning.

Burning Manikin System

The research on multi-layer protective clothing using Burning Manikin System shows that the outer layer fabric has an important influence on the protective performance of multi-layer protective clothing. Experiments were carried out with TPP equipment, and it was found that long-term low heat flux heat source exposure was more likely to cause burns than short-term intense burning. In the actual wearing process, the thermal protection performance of clothing not only depends on the performance of the fabric itself, but also needs to be comprehensively considered from the aspects of clothing style design, specifications and dressing posture. In order to simulate the human body as realistically as possible in an actual fire and to safely and accurately determine the surface temperature of clothing as well as the human body, the Burning Manikin System's test method has shown advantages and is used in the field of thermal protection.

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