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Outdoor Moisture Simulation Test of UV Aging Chamber

2022-05-06 16:43

The UV aging test chamber conducts accelerated weather resistance tests on materials by simulating the ultraviolet radiation and condensation in sunlight in nature to obtain the results of material weather resistance. By reproducing environmental conditions such as ultraviolet, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness, etc., it is combined into a cycle, and it is automatically executed to complete the number of cycles. Users who use the UV aging test chamber know that one of the most important features of the equipment is that it can simulate the damage to materials that is closer to the actual outdoor humid environment. Materials in the outdoors can be in contact with moisture for up to 12 hours a day, and the findings suggest that the main cause of this outdoor wetness is dew, not rain. Therefore, a special condensation principle is used in the artificial accelerated weathering test to simulate outdoor humidity.

UV aging test chamber

The UV aging test chamber simulates the effects of outdoor moisture through a series of unique condensation principles. In the condensation cycle of the equipment, there is a water storage tank at the bottom of the box, and it is heated to generate water vapor. The hot steam maintains the relative humidity in the chamber at 100% and maintains a relatively high temperature. The design of the product ensures that the test specimen actually forms the side walls of the chamber, so that the back of the specimen is exposed to the room ambient air. The cooling effect of the room air caused the surface temperature of the specimen to drop to a level several degrees below the steam temperature. The appearance of this temperature difference leads to the condensation of liquid water on the surface of the specimen throughout the condensation cycle. This condensate product is very stable pure distilled water. This pure water increases the reproducibility of experiments while avoiding water spotting problems.

Since outdoor exposure to humidity can be as long as 12 hours per day, the humidity cycle in a UV weathering chamber typically lasts a few hours. We recommend that each condensation cycle lasts at least 4 hours. Note that UV exposure and condensation exposure in the equipment are performed separately, consistent with actual climatic conditions.

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