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Xenon lamp aging test chamber exposure conditions

2022-04-12 10:14

Xenon lamp aging test chamber is a domestic experimental equipment independently developed and produced by QINSUN. It is used to test the weather resistance of solar photovoltaic, plastic, paint, packaging, automotive materials, and textile industries including geotextiles, pigments, stabilizers, additives and other materials.

The main parameters:

01. Light source: 6500W water-cooled xenon lamp tube;

02. Spectral range: full spectrum sunlight;

03. Irradiation intensity closed-loop control range: (307 ~ 1356) W/m2 (300 ~ 800nm) (Boro/Boro inner and outer filters, see samples for others);

04. Irradiance control accuracy: ±0.1W/m2 of the set value;

05. The irradiation intensity of the sample surface is uniform: ≦±4%;

06. Irradiance control point: 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm, 400-750nm, etc. can be selected;

07. Blackboard temperature closed-loop control range: BST: 40~120℃; BPT: 40~110℃;

08. The number of sample clips that can be installed: 65, a total of 3 layers;

09. Total exposure area: 6500cm2.

Xenon lamp aging test chamber

SAE J1960 is the test method for Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exteriors Using a Water-Cooled Xenon Lamp Unit with Controlled Irradiance.

The exposure conditions in SAE J1960 are as follows:

1. In the light cycle, the irradiance is controlled at 0.55W/m2/nm@340nm;

2. UV extension filter (quartz inner filter/borosilicate outer filter);

3. Under the blackboard temperature of 70°C, run for 40 minutes under light, and the relative humidity is 50%;

4. 20 minutes of light and water spray, spray the front of the sample;

5. At a blackboard temperature of 5.38°C, run under light for 60 minutes, and the relative humidity is 50%;

6. At a blackboard temperature of 38°C, add water to spray in the dark for 60 minutes, and spray the front and back of the sample;

7. The sample position remains the same.

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