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Weathering and Corrosion Testing of Automotive Non-metallic Materials

2022-03-18 13:05

In the sun and rain environment, the weathering resistance and corrosion resistance of automotive non-metallic materials are highly required, and the weathering and corrosion resistance testing of automotive non-metallic materials cannot be ignored. At this time, UV Accelerated Weathering Tester becomes more important. .

At present, there are three major categories of non-metallic materials used in automobiles: plastics, rubbers and coatings. From the Shanghai Ingle Testing Institute, which has long been focusing on material performance testing of automobiles and parts, reliability and environmental weather resistance testing, and banned and restricted substances testing, we learned that the aging and corrosion factors affecting these three types of products mainly include light, heat, Ozone, humidity, pollutants in the air, etc.

The weathering resistance and corrosion resistance of non-metallic materials for automobiles have always attracted the attention of foreign brand automobile OEMs because of their important influence on the overall performance of automobiles, because these non-metallic materials are prone to occur under the combined effect of various factors. The chemical reaction causes the aging of the polymer material, resulting in the decline of the performance of the auto parts and even the normal use.

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

With the improvement of material quality and testing technology, the requirements for automotive materials are also getting higher and higher. Many testing institutions in my country's own brand automobiles and Sino-foreign joint venture automobile enterprises basically use xenon lamp boxes for light aging test. Due to the late development of my country's automobile industry , It is relatively lacking in quality requirements and testing specifications in this field, and the weather resistance and light aging test methods of ordinary non-metallic materials are not suitable for the automotive industry.

At present, the quality standards and specifications for non-metallic materials of auto parts are gradually improving. The aging and corrosion of non-metallic components of automobiles are also related to the safety of consumers. QINSUN has provided UV Accelerated Weathering Tester for a long time, which can accurately test the The aging condition and quality of each material of the car, so as to cooperate with the automobile manufacturer to strictly control the product quality.

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