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About the combustion method to test the quality of hotel textiles

2022-03-18 13:11

In recent years, the new terms of various textile materials on the market have made consumers quite at a loss when purchasing. Even more confusing for hotel buyers, today Qinsun will introduce the four kinds of textiles of cotton, linen, wool and silk to roughly judge the quality of textiles by burning and hand feeling:

1. Cotton fabric

Advantages and disadvantages: pure cotton fabric has good air permeability, strong hygroscopicity, and is comfortable to wear, but it is easy to wrinkle and deform after washing and wearing

Identification: Find a small thread on the clothes. When it is close to the flame, the fiber does not shrink. It burns immediately after ignition. After leaving the flame, it burns quickly. During the burning process, there will be a burning smell of paper. gray-black flocculent

2. Wool fabric

textile fabric

Advantages and disadvantages: low strength, high stretchability, poor wrinkle resistance, good abrasion resistance, poor heat resistance, good light resistance, good acid resistance, poor alkali resistance, good dyeing performance

Identification: When it is close to the flame, it will melt and curl. When it comes into contact with the flame, it will curl or burn. After leaving the flame, sometimes it will burn slowly or even extinguish itself. During the burning process, there will be a smell of burning hair. After burning, the fibers are loose and brittle. black coke

3. Silk fabric

Advantages and disadvantages: soft, smooth, thick, excellent elasticity, good moisture absorption and breathability, but silk is relatively delicate, general silk clothes should pay attention to washing and maintenance

Identification: Silk will melt and curl when it is close to the flame. When it leaves the flame, it will flash and burn, and sometimes it will self-extinguish. When burning, it will produce the smell of burning hair, and the residue after burning is loose and brittle black particles.

Four, hemp fabric

Advantages and disadvantages: good moisture absorption, moisture dissipation and ventilation functions, fast heat transfer and heat conduction, cool and crisp, not close to the body when sweating, but poor elasticity and poor wrinkle resistance

Identification: Pure hemp fabrics are mainly identified by the combustion method. The combustion state is similar to that of cotton, but the fibers after combustion will be fine and soft gray and white. In addition, pure hemp fabrics have hemp knots

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