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Common test standards for plastic material aging test

2022-01-13 16:45

The economic loss caused by the aging of plastic materials is as much as tens of billions of dollars every year. Aging test is one of the methods to understand the weather resistance of product materials during outdoor use. The following are some common aging test items and standards:

Commonly used test standards for UV aging:

ASTM G154/G53 Nonmetallic Materials Fluorescent UV Lamp Exposure Test Operation;

ASTM D4329 Fluorescent UV Exposure Test for Plastics;

ISO 4892-3:2006 Laboratory Light Source Exposure - Fluorescent UV Lamps;

SAE J2020 Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exterior Parts in Condensing UV Fluorescence Weathering Tester;

GB/T 16422.3 Ultraviolet light aging test standard.


Commonly used test standards for xenon lamp aging:

ASTM G155-05a Xenon lamp aging test experiment;

ASTM D2565 Standard Practice for Xenon Arc Exposure Apparatus for Outdoor Plastics;

ASTM D4459 Indoor use of plastic xenon arc lamp exposure accelerated aging test;

ASTM D1435 Recommended Methods for Outdoor Weathering Testing of Plastics;

ISO 4892-2:2006 Laboratory Light Source Exposure - Xenon Lamp;

ISO 877 Exposure test methods for plastics—Direct exposure, indirect sunlight through glass filtering;

SAE J576 Plastic materials used in optical accessories (such as lenses or reflectors) of automotive lighting systems;

SAE J1976 Outdoor Weathering Test for Exterior Parts;

SAE J1885 Accelerated exposure of automotive interior parts in a water-cooled xenon lamp weathering apparatus with controlled irradiance;

SAE J1960 Accelerated exposure of automotive exterior parts in a water-cooled xenon lamp weathering apparatus with controlled irradiance;

SAE J2527 Auto interior parts xenon lamp aging test;

GB/T 16422 Plastics Laboratory Light Exposure Test Method (equivalent to ISO 4892-2).

Commonly used test standards for carbon arc lamp aging test:

ASTM G152,cycle 1,2,6 carbon arc aging test;

ASTM D3361 Coating carbon arc aging test;

ASTM D822 Coating Carbon Arc Aging Test;

ASTM D1499 Carbon Arc Aging Test;

JIS D0205-1987 Test method for weather resistance of automobile parts.

Commonly used test standards for ozone aging test:

ASTM D1149 Rubber Ozone Aging Test;

ASTM D1171 Rubber Ozone Aging Test;

ISO 10960 Ozone aging test for rubber and plastic hoses;

ISO 7326 Evaluation of anti-ozone properties of rubber and plastic hoses under static conditions;

ISO 1431-1:2004 ozone aging test;

DIN 53509 Ozone aging test.

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