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Evaluation of thermophysiological comfort of garments using the Sweating Fabric Manikin

2022-01-14 10:00

The Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin is used to evaluate the overall thermal and humidity comfort of clothing, and to provide accurate and effective test data for the study of mine heat damage protection technology and the analysis and identification of metal and non-metal mine heat damage accidents.

Product Description of Hong Kong Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin:

In addition to heat dissipation to the surrounding environment through conduction, convection and radiation, the human body also loses heat through the evaporation of sweat on the surface of the human skin. If the water vapor can diffuse to the surrounding environment through the clothing system in time, people will feel comfortable. If the clothing hinders the passage of water vapor, the humidity in the microclimate between human skin and clothing will increase, and the water vapor will accumulate to a certain extent and condense. into water, making people feel uncomfortable. When the human body performs strenuous activities or is in a hot environment, the evaporation of sweat becomes an important way for the human body to lose heat. At this time, it is even more required that the clothes have sufficient water vapor transmission capacity. It can be seen that it is necessary to accurately test the evaporation resistance of clothing in order to make a comprehensive evaluation of the heat and moisture transfer performance of clothing.

Main features of Hong Kong Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin:


1. The human body model of the warming manikin is divided into 17 anatomical segments such as head, trunk, and limbs. Each segment has adiabatic and fine-tuning heaters in each segment. Constant power control can achieve surface heating and constant temperature control.

2. In the control software part, the internal heat of the mannequin, the thermal insulation performance of clothing, the evaluation of the surface temperature of the mannequin, the calculation of heat dissipation calorific value, etc., can process various measurement data, records and statistical processing.

3. The human body model of the warming dummy is made of resin with a small heat capacity, which can quickly deal with the thermal reaction and heat exchange process of the human body model.

4. Thermal nickel wire sensor, connected to the whole system, can measure the average temperature in each section with good sensitivity.

5. Joints, shoulders and knees can be bent and changed into standing or sitting positions, easy to remove clothes.

6. The warming dummy system is equipped with a lift frame for the mannequin as standard, which can easily move the mannequin.

The thermophysiological comfort of different types of conventional and professional clothing has been further studied and critically evaluated by many researchers over the past few decades. Through this critical evaluation, different approaches to improving the thermophysiological comfort of garments are proposed. In general, thermophysiological comfort of garments is widely measured using sweating thermal mannequins; therefore, different sweating thermal mannequins are outlined (e.g., Finnish manikin "Coppelius", Swiss manikin "SAM", Hong Kong manikin "Walter", American mannequin "Newton") works.

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