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3 simulation methods of Sweating Fabric Manikin

2021-12-23 13:26

Sweating Fabric Manikin is a simulation system of human body and clothing. Its basic principle is to use a closed-loop temperature automatic adjustment system controlled by a microcomputer to realize the simulation system of human body's heat dissipation and perspiration function. By simulating the heat and moisture exchange process between the human body, clothing and the environment, And calculate the heat and moisture evaluation index of clothing according to the state parameters when the three are in steady-state thermal equilibrium, so as to achieve the purpose of testing.


At present, there are three main methods for simulating human movement for the mobility of Sweating Fabric Manikin:

The first method is to set up joints on the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles of the burning dummy, and use bearing friction and external forces to simulate various postures of the human body. This method cannot simulate the human body dynamics at a fixed time and speed.

The second method is to use the track and move the burning dummy at a constant speed to pass through a uniformly burning fire environment, and to simulate the reaction of the human body in the fire field through the track and the movable burner. The limitation of this method is that the motion speed of the dummy body is only equivalent to changing the relative heat flux on the body surface, and cannot reflect the actual situation of the human body when it is running.

The third method is the dynamic simulation of the burning dummy through local dynamic control. Wallace and Amotz et al. developed a burning model that simulates the human leg. The combustion model is equipped with shaft joints in the hip, knee and ankle parts, and uses a drive device that can adjust the speed to simulate the human body running in a burning environment, and is used to study the safety protection performance of trousers under exercise. However, this combustion model is limited to the partial form of the human body, and cannot simulate the action form of the entire human body.

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