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Introduction to 7 major fabric Air Permeability Tester applicable standards

2021-12-22 10:47

The fabric Air Permeability Tester is controlled by microcomputer technology and uses high-precision low-pressure difference sensors to test the air permeability of various woven fabrics, technical fabrics, non-woven fabrics, industrial filter paper and other air-permeable materials.

1. Ordinary textiles

GB/T 5453-1997 Textiles-Determination of fabric air permeability

ISO9237-1995 Textiles-Determination of Fabric Air Permeability

BS EN ISO9237-1995 Textiles Determination of air permeability of fiber fabrics

DIN EN ISO9237-1995 Textiles-Determination of air permeability of fiber fabrics

EN ISO9237-1995 Textiles-Determination of air permeability of fiber fabrics

ASTM D737-2004(2012) Test Method for Air Permeability of Textiles

JIS L1096-8.26A:2010 General Textile Test Method


2. Non-woven fabric

ISO9073-15: 2007 Textiles, Test methods for non-woven fabrics Part 15 Determination of air permeability

BS EN ISO9073-15:2008 Textiles Nonwovens Test Method Part 15 Determination of Air Permeability

DIN EN ISO9073-15:2008 Textiles and Nonwovens Test Methods Part 15 Determination of Air Permeability

EN ISO9073-15:2008 Textiles Nonwovens Test Methods Part 15 Determination of Air Permeability

3. Coated fabric

BS 3424-16-1995 Testing of coated fabrics. Part 16 Determination of air permeability

4. Geotextile

GB/T 13764-1992 Test method for permeability of geotextile

5. Paper

GB/T 22819-2008 Determination of Air Permeability of Highly Air Permeable Paper

QB/T l461--1992 Determination of the air permeability of highly air permeable paper

6. Flexible porous polymer material

JIS K6400-7-2004 Determination of physical properties of flexible porous polymer materials-Part 7 Air permeability

7. The standards to be verified, the following standards have not yet entered substantive content, and are preparing for future improvement.

AFNOR G07-111, BS 5636, DIN 53887 and other air permeability standards.

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