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5 points for attention when replacing Xenon lamp aging tester

2021-12-10 10:54

The xenon lamp tube is an indispensable component of the Xenon lamp aging tester. The operation of the entire test is due to the xenon lamp to operate normally. Under the corresponding environmental conditions, the accelerated aging test has played a big response. In the case of the situation, here QINSUN testing technicians will introduce you to Xenon lamp aging tester's 5 points to note when replacing the lamp:

1. Please wipe off fingerprints and oil stains on the surface of the filter cover with gauze moistened with alcohol before use to avoid devitrification of the quartz shell after burning.

2. The lighting tube needs to be equipped with a corresponding trigger. Because it is started by high-frequency and high-voltage, the high-voltage end should have good insulation to the ground, and the withstand voltage should exceed 30KV.

3. The lead wire of the trigger and the lamp tube should be within 5 meters, and the installation height should be appropriate. Because the lead wire needs to pass large current, copper wire of 6 mm or more should be used, and the joint must be firmly fixed and in good contact.

4. Before the lamp is ignited, there must be no air bubbles in the sleeve, and the temperature of the water outlet of the lamp shall not exceed 60℃ after igniting.

5. Because it is high-frequency and high-pressure, the lamp needs to work for more than 10 minutes after the first ignition, and then it can be triggered or turned off for the second time. Otherwise, the trigger or lamp tube is easy to burn out.


The tube-shaped long-arc xenon lamp is a new-shaped high-brightness lighting source. Its light color is close to daylight. The lamp does not need a rectifier, can be started instantly, and is convenient to use. Therefore, it is widely used in docks, squares, stations, stadiums, construction sites, hydropower stations, etc. Large area lighting at the place. It can also be used for cloth color inspection, aging experiments of fabrics, plastics, drugs, rubber, etc., artificial climate chambers, photochemical reactions and electrostatic copying, etc.

QINSUN is a textile testing instrument manufacturer, which can provide Xenon lamp aging tester equipment and lamp tubes. Customers in need are welcome to inquire.

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