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Burning dummy test system main functions

2021-11-04 11:08

Combustion dummy test method uses the dummy placed in a simulated heat flow, burning time and flame distribution are controlled fire environment, predict the human skin to reach the second and third degree burns and degree, so as to assess the overall thermal protection performance of clothing. The most important feature is that it can quickly, accurately and reproducibly simulate the heat exchange between human body and clothing and environment under flash fire conditions.


In the experiment, the burning dummy wearing the fireproof clothing is placed in the simulated combustion environment in the laboratory and exposed for a certain period of time, and the heat and temperature transmitted to various parts of the human body surface through the tested clothing is measured and calculated by 124 heat sensors distributed on the dummy to predict the human burn and evaluate the thermal protection performance of the clothing, and before the experiment, the average heat flow is calibrated to reach the standard 84±2k W/m2, record the burning process through video, observe the real-time changes of the garment during the burning process. Dress burning test scene.

Military applications:

1. single soldier flame retardant equipment heat transfer mechanism research Through the burning dummy simulation of different intensity of battlefield fire conditions, the human skin surface heat flow and skin temperature changes, to create good human body - clothing - fire environment conditions, to provide an important research tool for single soldier flame retardant equipment heat transfer mechanism research.

2. Research and screening of flame retardant fabrics for single soldier equipment Quantitative testing of flame retardant performance of different single soldier equipment fabrics through combustion dummy system, guiding the research of flame retardant fabrics, and screening out the flame retardant fabrics with excellent performance.

3. Structure and style design of single-armed flame retardant protective equipment The structure and style of single-armed flame retardant protective equipment have a great impact on its flame retardant performance, even if the equipment fabric is the same, but the structure is different, or the opening part is different, its flame retardant performance also shows a large difference. Through the burning dummy to reproduce the actual wearing condition of the human body in the fire, guide the structure and style design of single soldier flame retardant protective equipment such as flame retardant combat uniforms, nuclear, biological and chemical flame retardant combat uniforms, flame retardant shoes and boots and other flame retardant protective equipment.

4. Research on special function single soldier flame retardant protective clothing Special function single soldier flame retardant protective clothing that is used for special work, training environment, different operating environments have different flame retardant requirements, through burning dummies to simulate the human body's reaction to fire or thermal radiation under special working conditions, to guide the research on special function single soldier flame retardant protective clothing.

Social applications:

The burning dummy test technology can be widely used in the fields of university teaching research, individual protective equipment research, armed police and public security personnel protective equipment development, etc.; it can be widely used in the research of firefighting equipment such as firefighting combat clothing, firefighting thermal insulation clothing, firefighting fire avoidance clothing, firefighting shoes and boots, and fire rescue; it can also carry out academic exchanges with the United States, Canada and other technologically advanced countries, and promote the convergence of international clothing ergonomics research.

Economic applications:

Burning dummy can simulate people for various experiments, for clothing performance testing, a variety of performance testing to provide a scientific basis.

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