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Six test methods of Zipper Testing Machine of Reciprocating Pull

2021-11-03 14:16

The Zipper Testing Machine of Reciprocating Pull can be used to detect whether it can withstand a specified number of reciprocating pulling operations under the action of horizontal and vertical tension. During the test, the machine drives the zipper puller at a constant speed to perform 30 reciprocating movements per minute. Up to the specified number of times.

Six test Methods:

1. Top stop strong test

The zipper chain teeth are interlocked, and the slider is pulled to the upper end stop, and the pull head is pulled. At this time, the strength of the top stop of the zipper can be measured. This is a simulation of the zipper in the holding state, the slider crosses the top stop and pulls off. The ability of the top stop to resist external forces when moving from the ribs.

2. Strong test of the slider lock


The slider is self-locking in the middle of the connecting teeth. The zipper teeth are divided into left and right parts. Stretching the left and right parts of the zipper can test the locking strength and resistance of the internal components of the slider.

3. Bottom stop strong zipper test

Pull the slider to the lower end, the teeth are divided into left and right parts. Pulling the sprocket on the left and right sides can measure the force required to break the bottom stop and measure the resistance of the internal components of the slider.

4. Flat pull strong test

The flat pull strength is the most basic strength index. It is used to test the ability of the zipper teeth to resist the lateral force in the interlocked state, which is very similar to the actual state of use.

5. The strength test of the pull head pull flap combination

Apply the pulling head force in the direction perpendicular to the pulling flap until the pulling flap is separated from the pulling body. The value recorded at this time is the combined strength of the pulling flap.

6. Open tail flat pull strong test

Test the resistance of the open-end zipper insert tube and socket against external force damage. Fix the left and right sides of the open end with the upper and lower clamps. When the zipper is closed, start the machine.

The above is the Zipper Testing Machine of Reciprocating Pull knowledge explained by QINSUN for you. If you are interested in ordering, please leave me a message!

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