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Why is Xenon lamp aging test chamber indispensable?

2021-10-22 10:29

1. What is the purpose of using Xenon lamp aging test chamber to test deuterium lamps?

The economic loss caused by aging is in the hundreds of millions every year. Aging often causes changes in the physical properties of textiles, coatings, plastics and other organic substances, which are mainly manifested in discoloration, loss of gloss, strength reduction, cracking, peeling, chalking and oxidation. We know that sunlight, especially short-wavelength ultraviolet light, high temperature, rain, dew, and moisture in the form of high humidity are the main factors that cause the above damage.
The purpose of Xenon lamp aging test chamber test is as follows:
(1) Reduce the risk of return
(2) In order to comply with relevant quality technical standards.
(3) Avoid losses caused by aging.
(4) Improve the reputation of the product.
(5) Improve the competitiveness of products.
(6) Enter the high-end market.
(7) Save resources.
(8) Life cycle estimation.
Xenon lamp aging test chamber

2. What is the significance of accelerated aging in the laboratory? What are the advantages over natural exposure?

Since the natural aging test takes several years to determine the aging result, the time cost is too high for the average enterprise, especially in this era of fierce competition, the product development cycle is very short, if a new product test cycle It will take a few years, then this product is not competitive at all. At the same time, due to the ever-changing climatic conditions in various places, it is possible that the same tested material may get very different aging results, and the repeatability and reproducibility of the experimental results are not very good. Therefore, people tend to use laboratory equipment to artificially accelerate aging, which can not only shorten the test cycle, have good repeatability, and can be used for quality control, material stability testing, and rapid comparison and screening tests of materials. In addition, this method has a wide range of applications. Because it is only used indoors, it can be used indoors without being restricted by natural conditions, and only the influence of human factors can be considered. It is easy to use and has high controllability.
3. How long is the accelerated aging of the laboratory equivalent to one year in the natural environment?
This question is a more frequently asked question, but also a more difficult question to answer. Even the knowledgeable and experienced researchers in aging will feel embarrassed. There is no standard or paper that clearly states that the laboratory accelerates Aging is how long is the equivalent of one year in the natural environment or a clear formula is given. The main reason is that there are too many factors that cause changes in natural conditions. There are many factors that cause product aging, such as light intensity, light time, temperature, humidity, rainfall, and pollutants. The laboratory cannot simulate all of them.
The above is the details of the content that QINSUN will answer in detail for you. I hope it can help you. Of course, if you need to purchase Xenon lamp aging test chamber, please leave us a message or call us!

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