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Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester test method and applicable standards

2021-10-19 11:33
The Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester is used to measure the penetration performance of synthetic blood and other liquid-derived liquid jets to evaluate its safety protection performance. It is mainly used to test the permeability of the mask to blood, body fluids, blood pathogens (tested with Phi-X 174 antibiotic), synthetic blood and other liquids. It is suitable for the anti-liquid penetration performance of protective equipment such as gloves, protective clothing, outer covers, coveralls, boots, etc. It can also output test reports and save test data.
Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester test method:
The medical mask sample is supported on the test device, and 2mL of synthetic blood with a surface tension of 0.042±0002n/m is sprayed from a sleeve with an inner diameter of 0.84mm to the mask under test in a horizontal direction at a pressure of 16kpa at a distance of 300mm. Simulate the scene where the mask is splashed by blood from the perforated blood vessel, and visually check the penetration of the synthetic blood on the other side of the mask within 10 seconds. The medical mask samples were tested with the liquid ejection pressure corresponding to the liquid ejection velocity: 450 cm/s, 550 cm/s, and 635 cm/s. Record the test results of each jet velocity, and give the maximum blood pressure corresponding to the acceptable quality level limit of 4 for medical masks.
Product display:
Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester
Applicable standards:
1. GB19083-2010: Technical requirements for medical protective masks;
2. YY 0469-2011: Medical surgical masks;
3. YY/T0691-2008: Test method for resistance to penetration of synthetic blood in medical masks for protective equipment against infectious pathogens (fixed volume, horizontal spray);
4. ISO 22509:2004; F1862/F1862M-2013;
5. ASTM F1671 Phi-X174 phage penetration is used as a test system to determine the penetration of protective clothing materials against blood-borne pathogens;
6. ASTM F1670 test method for the resistance of artificial blood penetration of protective clothing materials;
7. ASTM F903 test method for liquid penetration resistance of protective clothing materials;
8. ISO 16603:2004 ISO 16604:2004 protective clothing to prevent contact with blood and body fluids to determine the permeability of protective clothing to blood and body fluids synthetic blood test method;
9.YY/T 0699-2008 Liquid chemical protective equipment and protective clothing materials anti-pressurized liquid penetration performance test method;
10. YY/T 0689-2008 Blood and body fluid protective equipment, protective clothing material anti-penetration performance test of blood-borne pathogens Phi-X174 bacteriophage test method;
11.YY/T 0700-2008 Blood and body fluid protective equipment, protective clothing material resistance to blood and body fluid penetration performance test, synthetic blood test method;
12.GB/T 19082-2009 Technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing and other standards.

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